ASME Bladder Accumulator shell

National Standard Hydraulic Accumulator shell are mainly used in the hydraulic system of petroleum recover machinery

Product Specification:

  • Capacity:5L
  • O.D.:229mm
  • Service pressure:3000psi
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 ASME Bladder Accumulator shell


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Bladder accumulator shell

Bladder accumulator shell

O.D.: 229mm
Gas side dimaeter:88.95mm
Oil sidedimaeter:22.5mm
Design wall thickness:11.4mm
Service pressure:3000psi
Test peressure:4500psi

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Bladder accumulator shell

Bladder accumulator shell

Bladder accumulator shell
Bladder accumulator shell


Bladder accumulator shell Bladder accumulator shell


Bladder accumulator shell


Are you factory or foreign trade company?
Q: We are industry and trade integration.
What products do you have?
Q: We produce bladder accumulator, bladder accumulator shell, seamless steel gas cylinder, pressure vessel, diaphragm accumulator and filter shell.
Why choose ZP produces with a warranty?
Q: One-stop shopping. We can supply empty gas cylinders or gas filled cylinders. On the meanwhile, we can supply accumulator shells or accumulators or even the accumulator parts only according to customer’s demand.
How about your company?
Q: As established in year 1958, our company has long history and full experience in supplying above mentioned products with good quality and in time delivery.
What’s your payment terms ?
Q: T/T. 30% deposit, the balance against copy BL.
Where do you deliver the product?
Q: Common goods from Tianjin and dangerous goods from Shanghai.
How about your after-sales service?
Q: Our after-sales service start immediately after signing the contract.
1). Source the lowest freight cost for customers’ reference. Provide forwarder information and book vessel for customers. 
2). The products and shipment pictures will be provided upon coming out.
3). Standard Export Packing Suitable for Sea Freight.
4). Termly product quality return visiting.

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Bladder accumulator shell
zhuolu High Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd., focusing on designing and manufacturing high pressure vessels, is located at Zhuolu county, Hebei province, which is a part of the economic circle of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. It was started in 1958 with an area of 54 mu. Zhuolu Wu yi Factory was its predecessor for manufacturing products like agricultural machinery, military machinery and high pressure vessel for more than 40 years. Nowadays, it boasts its many experienced high pressure vessel producing line. Moreover, a new factory with an area of 120 mu is under construction so as to improve product quality and expand producing scale.


National Standard Hydraulic Accumulator shell are mainly used in the hydraulic system of petroleum recover machinery, hydraulic machine tools, and engineering machinery. Its function in hydraulic control system can be found in the storage of energy, the elimination of lash, the compensation of seepage, the supply of uninterrupted energy, the transfer and maintenance of pressure. Its funtions in the hydraulic systems can be found in the avoidance of pipe element damage, the increase of equipment life, the reduction of losses caused by operation suspension, the stabilization of the performance of hydraulic systems, and the saving energy.


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